Frequently Asked Questions

Each connection allows you to access videos and workbooks for each of the 28 Ministerial Areas in English and Spanish (a total of 56). Each Ministerial Area includes four video segments and a workbook. Content can be shared to train others in person using a projector or by sharing your screen during a virtual event.

The Ministerial Series is for leaders in parishes, dioceses, and other Catholic organizations and institutions who wish to enhance their service to the Hispanic / Latino community. It can also be useful for leaders of other ministries and ethnic groups interested in a particular Ministry Area.

The cost per connection is $28. Connections are sold as diocesan, organization, and individual membership packages.

Membership will continue until the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) wants to keep the series' videos online. They will be available during 2022 and 2023.

There will be no future automatic annual charges. Membership is only paid once.

Check payments may be made for diocesan and organizational memberships, but you will not have access to the membership website until the payment is received and processed. It is recommended that mailed checks be mailed at least a week a half before the start of the Series.

We are currently searching for scholarships aimed at dioceses in need. The cost of an individual membership is only $28 for 28 series in English and Spanish (a total of 56). This cost is quite economical- $ 1 per ministerial area session.

Yes. A diocese or organization that purchases a connection package will appoint a person in charge of membership. This person will add the emails of those who have access to the other connections.

Yes. Each connection can be used to show the videos and download the manuals for use in parish and diocesan programs (for example, in a formation program).

It can be used as many times as you want with as many people as you want, in person, in a virtual or in a hybrid way.

No. Although the videos can be shared across multiple devices, only one device can access the website using this connection at a time. For example, if you connect a computer to the membership website and then connect with the same email and password on a tablet, the computer will disconnect.

Each person who connects to a session and meets the requirements will receive a certificate of completion for the session. But there is no certification program connected to the Ministerial Series. However, dioceses and organizations may accept these sessions as part of their certification programs. In this case, it will be up to each diocese and organization to grant the certification or recertification.

It will depend on each diocese and organization that requires ongoing formation. For example, if a diocese has its own requirements, then this diocese would have to decide whether these sessions count. The Ministerial Series counts offers nationally recognized experts and panelists and will be of solid quality, but dioceses and organizations have the authority to say whether or not it is valid.

For the system to issue an individual certificate of completion, this person would have to have their own connection. But you can use a single connection to share the videos and manuals as a component of your local training program. In this case, the participants do not need a connection, only the one who will share the videos and manuals. The leader will need to grant a certificate of completion.

No. Two or three Ministerial Areas will be launched live each month. After the live event the recordings will be available On Demand. The 28 Ministerial Areas will not be ready at the same time from the beginning. Due to the time it takes to produce, they are going to come out little by little. See the calendar.

The different modalities of the ministerial series allow great flexibility in participating in the sessions. Participants can participate live or watch the On Demand videos. This allows you to adapt your formation programs to your own calendars/schedule of events. We recommend viewing our calendar to better coordinate with your planning of the Synod process.